Required Documents

In order to maximize the safety of volunteers and taxpayers, face masks are encouraged for taxpayers and volunteers

In addition, the following items are required at the time of your appointment:

  • Photo ID for you (and spouse, if applicable)

  • Social security or ITIN (tax ID #) cards (or photo copies) for all in family

  • not needed if prior year tax return was done by one of our tax sites (see below*) AND

you bring a copy of the tax return showing all those ITINs and social security numbers

  • It is recommended that you bring a copy of prior year returns (a transcript can be ordered from the IRS at 800-908-9946). It may get you a better refund and provide for a more accurate filing.

  • If you had MN refunds, it is recommended you bring any Minnesota Department of Revenue check stubs.

  • W-2s and any tip information

  • 1099-SSA – has pink box showing total social security amount for the year before the Medicare subtraction is taken (if lost, call 877-405-3631 to obtain); can also serve as SSN verification

  • 1099-INT or information from bank if less than $10 – Bank statement showing total of interest received during the year

  • 1099-DIV – dividends received during the year

  • 1099-R – IRA or pension retirement income for the year

  • 1099-G – unemployment compensation received

  • IRS letter 6419 which documents ACTC (Advance Child Tax Credits) which started in July, 2021

  • IRS notice 1444-C or letter 6475 which documents the amount of Economic Impact Payment received in 2021

  • IRS notice CP09 which will be sent if you may have been eligible but did not claim Earned Income Credit on your 2020 tax return.

  • If filing for MN rent or homestead credit refund, documentation of total of nontaxable income received during the tax year, such as:

  • SSI (Supplemental Security Income); if don’t have a letter showing total for tax year, go to Social Security office (2443 Clare Ln NE) or call 877-405-3631 to have a letter mailed to you

  • County cash assistance; if lost the letter they send in January showing the total of cash benefits received during the year, call county case worker for a copy

  • Veterans Benefits

  • Scholarship – also need this info on a 1098-T if want to apply for education credit

  • If a homeowner, and want to file for a MN M1PR Homestead Credit Refund, income of other person living in home (unless they are a dependent or parent)

  • Information regarding any RentHelpMN payments made to you or paid on your behalf

  • Any other income of any kind received during the year. Front line worker pay, gambling winnings, election worker, etc

  • Charitable contributions made during the year for contributions over $500 may qualify for a state deduction.

  • If itemizing on federal (homeowner) – taxes paid, medical expenses, health insurance paid.

  • Closing statement if bought or sold a home

  • Certificate of Rent Paid forms received from landlord for current tax year

  • Property tax statement for taxes payable in 2023 (if a homeowner)

  • Health Insurance Information if purchased through MN Sure (need Form 1095-A)

  • For direct deposit/faster refund, voided check or card/statement from bank listing routing number and account number. If none, suggest they may want to open a bank account

  • Any Power of Attorney or other document giving authority to file for another

*Tax sites:

Salvation Army, 125 Live, Hawthorne, Stewartville Center for Active Adults, Mantorville Senior Ctr, Sylvan Manor

All income and expense information should be for 2022 tax year

and/or prior tax year(s) if want a return done for prior year(s)